Project Detail: Red soil – Κοτσινόχωμαν


Emerging photographers 2018




Silvio Rusmigo



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Red soil – Κοτσινόχωμαν

Cyprus’s south-eastern corner is characterised by the redness of its soil, bearing proof of its nutrient richness. In addition to copiously giving this area's yields nourishment and its trademark, this colour symbolises another, disingenuous harvest. It suggests the land’s intricate tie with blood; a remnant of the birds trapped and killed, to be served on plates generating the currency for the island's most extensive and controversial environmental battle.

Contrasting the earth’s ruddiness is the green of the exotic Acacia plantations, positioned where migrating birds first meet land. Between the foliage lies the evidence; a sticky wand, a false song. Makeshift objects of high DIY sophistication, such as mist-nets, lime-sticks and decoys with the sole purpose to attract and kill; expansively, voluminously, inhumanely, unselectively.

This series communicates the issue of illegal killing of migratory birds in Cyprus by engaging confiscated trapping paraphernalia in a post-mortem inquiry into these birds’ unfortunate ending.