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People of Sudan

A Reportage from Sudan

It is not easy to capture the diversity of Sudan: land of contradictions, boundless territory, heterogenous melting pot of tribes, cultures and languages mixed in a complex ethnic mosaic.
Its landascapes change radically from region to region, from the barren desert to the green bush; in the same way, its inhabitants seem to have nothing in common with each other, not only in their attitude but also in their look, with huge differences between the chaotic capital Khartoum and the peaceful villages of the rural areas.
In this "land of Negroes" (reductive nickname given with disdain from its neighbours, the Egyptians), it is actually possible to meet an extraordinary heterogenity of skin colors and features of faces, hair and eyes. In this big variety, the only thing these people seem to have in common is their friendly, welcoming African heart.