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Blood Has Just One Colour

Monday 5 March 2018, in Florence, Roberto Pirrone, a 65-year-old Italian man, after a dispute with his wife for money questions, leaves home with the intention of committing suicide.

On the way he changes his idea, and thinks that prison could be a better solution.

So, he decides to shoot the first one that pass under his eyes: a 54-year-old Senegalese man, Idy Diene. He kills him with six gunshots.

The Senegalese community of Florence, whose wounds are still alive for the events of December 13, 2011, when a fascist militant killed two Senegalese men with a gun, interprets this assassination as "a white man who kills blacks".

Some of them decide to spontaneously manifest their anger on the Florentine streets, damaging public properties on the streets of the center.

Most of the Senegalese community didn’t agree with these facts and together with the municipality organizes a peaceful demonstration in the streets of the city, as peaceful as the person of Idy Diene was.

Saturday 10th March, I documented the demonstration in honor of the Idy Diene's memory.

During those moments full of tension during the week, the event was a key appointment where I focused my attention on the mix of tension, unity and community that strictly connected more than 10.000 different people.