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Elipe Mahé



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The color of the shadow

The Colors of the Shadow

Tegucigalpa, Honduras, is home to the only detention center for young girls in the country: El Centro de Menores Sagrado Corazon.

The center is a reflection of a new generation suffocated by the country's extremely unstable social and economic climates.

Here more than 70 girls ranging in ages from 13 to 18 are detained for minor offenses such as theft.

The vast majority of the inmates have organized themselves into close knit groups with names like Bandillas 18, Marras, as well as others. The colored walls of the center bear their scars. [Didn't really understand this paragraph so I did my best]

The culture of the street remains predominant in the prison where the lines between the concept of a childhood and the image of what is sexy become intermixed.

The rate of recidivism is high because living conditions in the center are often better for the inmates than those they endure on the outside. It is not uncommon to hear "Estoy en mi casa, ustedes mi mi familia" (I am in my house and you are my family) throughout the corridors of the prison.