Project Detail: Behind a fashion show


LuganoPhotoDays 2018




Yuri Catania


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Behind a fashion show

I have been the official photographer of the Ermanno Scervino fashion house for over seven years. This opportunity gave me to understand, season by season, the work, human and emotional dynamics of what happens behind the scenes of a fashion show. We used to see from the newspapers and television beautiful models wearing the new trend in a long catwalk to allow special guest to admire, judge, photograph each item to turn it into the news, direction and purchase. Behind the scene is just for a few people. Only the stylist’s team, make-up artists, hairdressers and a few journalists are allowed to access to this part of the world. Here, where time runs wild, preparing elaborate haircuts on over 30/40 models, here the seamstress sew and iron for the final touches. The organization of a show costs hundreds of thousands of euros. All to show a preview of the new collection that will go to the stores a few months later. Just 12/15 minutes with over six months of hard work behind it, with the participation of a thousand persons. Everything arises from the designer Ermanno Scervino. One of the last Emperor of the Italian fashion world. Ermanno followed everything from the beginning, he created the inspiration, he gave the guidelines of the fabrics, the lengths of the clothes, he chose every detail and accessory for hundreds and hundreds of items. Only the best is chosen and reworked for the fashion show to adapt perfectly to the top models that will wear the dress going out on that long catwalk almost 80 meters. To show it to the world. In these 12 photos, chosen in an archive of over 20.000 images produced over the seven years, I tried to tell the various step trying to capture the human side of people's gestures and the particularity of moments. In my opinion, there is a spectacular story to tells behind a fashion show.

The show must go on.

Yuri Catania