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Roberto Gianocca


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Gotthardbahn 2016

Gotthardbahn 2016: Soaring through Biasca and Erstfeld like never seen before.
While the World had their eyes on Alptransit, we turned our gaze skyward, towards the historic Gotthardbahn that was about to be closed.
It was autumn 2016 and fate was on our side with the bloom of drone technology on the market and the first highly performing quadcopters were availlable at a reasonable price: our book born thanks to these coincidences.
For two months we uninterruptly flew over Leventina and the Reuss Valley following the steel paths traced 150 years ago.
From all of this came something unseen / Finally, something never seen before arose: a photographic report, a historic, nostalgic, romantic, mythical and at times erotic document.