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LuganoPhotoDays 2018




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Let the road give you the ideas

I'm Baiana Maicol, a man of 33 years old. I have a Bachelor in Philosophy and a Master in psychology in Padua, Italy. I'm part of the italian and british psychological society. I travelled for two years after the master and I spent one year in the australian outback, in contact with the aboriginal culture. I understood in that period that I was really in love with photography, so when I come back in september 2017 my region in Italy i decided to study photography, because I wolud like to exprime myself. I love stay in the street, I love the road and the thing that happen. This year I shot with my camera all in manual settings in the urban places around me, in my region Friuli Venezia Giulia and in the near Veneto. I don't have too many time in my life, so I don't shot in holiday in far away places, beacuse I work during the day like educator in disadvantaged social context with people and I choose to spend my time in my job. Photography is my real passion.

When I'm in the street I try to stay without thoughts, like in a meditative zen practice. I follow shadows, light and I try to feel the emotions of the moment. I try to feel the connection with what I shot. The streets for me are like a reportage of the life.