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LuganoPhotoDays 2018




Cristiano Morbidelli


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Madonna del Monte - We have to come back

Every year, on the 14th of May, in a little town of center Italy - Marta near Viterbo - take place a typical procession where can partecipate only men. This ancient ritual (that came from paganism after being absorbed by christians) see a series of allegorical wagons that are brought, along the streets of the village, on a church located on the top of a hill. Four categories partecipates at this celebration (fishermen, farmers, breeders and horsemen) and every ancient craft creates this wagons with the material of their everyday job.

Along this way to the final destination (the church of Madonna del Monte) every child and man express his joy for his hommage at the Madonna, his child Jesus and God.

There is a village in celebration from early morning until night and this procession it is prepared a month in advance for built the wagons. This reportage see the preparation, the celebration and the joy of an entire village proud to being able to show its roots and his past to pass it to the new generations. Every here we have to come back. This is a part of a reportage - and ongoing project - based on the tiny thread that binds religions and traditions.