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Ismael Guye


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Sunday afternoon

All started 3 years ago with a coffee and a blunt phrase: "I have multiple sclerosis." And there we were: talking on the terrace and laughing because that tupper was your medication. Then came holidays, trips, concerts, walks around the city, exhibitions, laughter ... and also, inevitably, punctures, pain, days of fatigue, visits to the emergency room, visits to the neurologist ....

Some will wonder "what is multiple sclerosis?" In short, it is a degenerative disease of the central nervous system whose causes are unknown and still has no cure. It is not contagious, neither hereditary, nor mortal but it is the second cause of neurological disability in young adults and it affects 2.5 million people. Mostly it is diagnosed in young people between 20 and 30 years old at the beginning of their vital, professional projects ... and it occurs more frequently in women than in men (70% are women). Each person is affected in a different way and that's why it is known as the disease of the thousand faces.

This, yours, was going to be one of his portraits but 'Sunday Afternoon' ceased to be only a documentary project time ago.

During these years, I have photographed you at all times: waking up, going to work, in the waiting room of the neurologist, leaving the operating room, with your family and friends, when you turned 30... To the good and the bad: the up and down of our lives has to be in these images. Even so, it's hard for me to take pictures while you get shots and it took months to take a picture while, on one of those fucking days, you cried in the living room ... but it is necessary to tell this story and photography became a way to know you and understand what MS is.