Project Detail: Mussels from Olbia (Sardinia)


LuganoPhotoDays 2018




Graziano Manganelli


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Mussels from Olbia (Sardinia)

Seeds, fruits, poles and harvest, whose context is not a flat field, but a welcoming sea mirror, and what finally collects, is one of the most famous symbols of the city of Olbia (Sardinia), its renowned mussels.

The mussel farming industry in Olbia is almost a century old, making this city, in fact, one of the most important production districts of the Mediterranean.

For a city like Olbia, everything that revolves around the mussels market is synonymous with the sea, with culture and, above all, with tradition. A social question therefore, as much as economic.

Knowledge and skills, which are often handed down from father to son, are the basis of hard work that requires experience and a perfect harmony with the sea and its unpredictable and changeable environmental conditions.