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LuganoPhotoDays 2018




Valeria Luongo



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Sorellanza - A Sisterhood

The Institute of the Holy Heart of Jesus and Mary has been funded by Mother Eugenia Ravasco in Genoa. Afterwards, the religious order spreaded in other parts of Italy, opening a Roman headquarter in 1966.

Nowadays nuns of different nationalities and ages are living inside the Roman community. These women have to learn how to live together, providing a high level of adaption and understadings. The choice of a life dedicated to faith can be hard and often challenging. Their personal spirituality and being part of a community in which everyone is supported are the keys to their own strength.

From 2015 I started photographing the Ravasco sisters with the aim of depicting a portrait of their dailylife activities inside and outside the convent. Generally, little information is known about nuns’ routine and outsiders usually idealize or mystify ecclesiastic life.