Project Detail: Farsi spazio


LuganoPhotoDays 2018




Martin Benz


Project Info

Farsi spazio

analogue photography; 6x6 cm; exposure time 10 min.; series of 50 photographs

„Mi faccio spazio tra le rovine!“

I make space between the ruins.

Quotation by Lapo, a young Roman, while he was posing for the first picture of this series.

Due to my experience of contrasts and perceived stagnation in Rome, I realized a photographic work on urban sociology and the change of the city.

I asked inhabitants to stand in front of a monument or another place of interest in Rome and to talk during the exposure time of 10 min. about their experiences, opinions and visions regarding the development of the city.

The locations have historical and political significance. Intuitively, I choose the image section with confidence in the power, energy of the place. These are points of view that mostly make the monument unrecognizable, far from documentary or tourist views.

The selection of the portrayed happens spontaneously; Representatives of all city zones and all social groups are present.

The work is therefore also a portrait of the city society. During the recording, relationship and perception change. The person behind their social role in city life becomes recognizable.

The time of the conversation is condensed in the moment of viewing the image.