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Field of sorrow

The Great March of the Return began March the 30th.

With this demonstration, protesters demand that Palestinian refugees and their descendants be

allowed to return to what is now Israel. Organization of the protests was initiated by independent

activists, and has been endorsed and supported by Hamas, as well as other major factions in the

Gaza Strip. The march finished May the 15th, the Nakba Day, the “Day of Catastrophe”, the

anniversary of the foundation of Israeli State. Only the last day, more than 50 people were killed

and houndreds were injured with the only purpouse to fight for their indipendence after 70 years of


Every friday thousands of people met in different places along Israeli borders to claim the right of

having back their native land.

Palestinian people protested also against the US government choice to move their embassy in

Jerusalem, acknowledging the city as Israel capital city.