Project Detail: Rural Kids


LuganoPhotoDays 2018




Virginia Villacisla



Project Info

Rural Kids

This project documents the wild, the instinctive, the frenzy, the freedom. The way in which young people, before becoming adults with responsibilities, interact with rural spaces inherited from their parents. Life-lasting friendships, nearly surrealistic anecdotes, summer loves, driving, lots of laughs and rock & roll at full volume.

Everything is possible there.

Along with the revelry there exists something more complex deeply buried in these links. They are based on an identity, on sustaining the memory and reputation of their ancestors to relieve them. They have to do with a specific territory: love the fellow from the same place and throw stones at the town next door. It has no apparent meaning but it is very present in the way they relate to an empty environment and how they make it an orchard of experiences and memories.