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LuganoPhotoDays 2018




Ruedi Flück Flück


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Often we need to get somewhere.It might be a place, or an idea.Even nowhere must be somewhere.
Anywhere, but not here.

Taken from the idea of movement, and a life that sometimes struggles to be in balance, I was observing people on the road. First it was out of pure boredom, during car rides from Karaj to Tehran and back. The capital of Iran and it’s little sister are strongly connected. Roads often contain traffic jams. People travel day after day to go to work, meet relatives or search for commerce.

The state of waiting - of staring, of absence - has it’s own beauty. Everything is on hold. We are a meditation; absent from what happens around us. Our bubble lets the passing reality look like an illusion. Held in our own thoughts.

This series of photographs tries to capture that moment. The moment where I often find myself, and observe others doing the same.

I hold onto my spirit.
He shouldn’t get lost on the way.
Many ideas pass my mind and won‘t make it.
Some are waiting for me there.