Project Detail: LOST SOULS


LuganoPhotoDays 2018




Mauro Marletto


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The epochal changes we have been experiencing in the past few decades, make us to think about the importance and the role of the individual at the present time.
If on one hand, new technologies and digital devices would represent a great chance to grow for someone, on the other, it would be a problem for someone else. All the efforts which have been made to break the barriers, to make people closer and closer, to make them communicate faster and faster, to improve their lives have proved to have the opposite effect.

The idea of future, which used to be considered something optimistic and hopeful not long time ago, nowadays gives way to concern and, very often to anguish, as well.

So, here, human souls don’t raise to reach greater targets, but they are disoriented, confused and they nearly lose their importance and consistency. I almost can see my fellow human beings as they are becoming transparent, they are wondering aimlessly, looking for certainties in a kind of theater of loneliness.