Project Detail: The wall of Medina, the soul of Morocco.


LuganoPhotoDays 2018




Valentina Bassi


Project Info

The wall of Medina, the soul of Morocco.

The Medina is the most fascinating and significant part of the moroccan cities, it’s own place that its far away from the new sensational modern urban areas.

Trespass throw the thick walls and the imposing gates that surround the area which you will find a maze of narrow streets which are all alike. Flows of people, hundreds of stalls and little shops, food and handicrafts, mosques and hammams…

An intersection of pride and tradition, balance and tolerance, lights and shadows. The integrity of cultures and colours that live in complete harmony.

I paid attention on the quietness of the smaller streets. I wanted to catch the interiority of people walking up and down as if they were following a kind of ritual. It is unavoidable to follow that mysterious flare of their silhouette.

Men and women, young and old, every single individual looks always fierce, peaceful and respectable both in their clothes and behaviour.

The soul of this country is like a door ajar, you can see something but not properly until the end.