Project Detail: Ask me something, I collect it


LuganoPhotoDays 2018




Matteo Del Vecchio


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Ask me something, I collect it

Carlo Giannini is an electrician who lives in Latina. When I met him in 2012 he told me: "Tell me something that comes to mind, I collect it". Since then I began to photograph "his toys": the 9 garages where he kept all his treasures. Now he is 84 and is retired. During his life he traveled the world and cultivated his passion for collecting. Carlo loves antique objects of any kind. He is a story-seeker. He has accumulated objects of any kind. And at the end of June they will inaugurate a museum with its name where all its stories will be exhibited. He was operated last year for a stomach cancer, but already today he is working to the full of his energies to tell the discoveries of his life to the world around him. In the photos presented I tell his great personality through his wonders: "his toys", his incredible house, his family and his museum. The project is still ongoing.