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Christina Czybik Czybik


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Life after Ebola

Sierra Leone: Life after Ebola

Small glimpses of daily life in the streets of Freetown, Sierra Leone show the daily struggle of people to survive in a society that is recovering from civil war and the Ebola virus which hit the country and it's neighbours in 2014.

Strangers rushing by in situations one does not understand. A fraction of a second of someones life. A picture that is just blurred. The blur in the picture that just won’t focus clearly on the person in between all the noise of a chaotic and overcrowded place, that is drowning in plastic trash and human feces in the slums.

"Ebola stops with Me" is written on many billboards and walls around Freetown. Awareness and education about hygiene and cultural handling with the deceased is key to stop this epidemic. Without YOU there is no US.

Everything is on the move in the Slums, everybody is trying to go somewhere, trying to sell something, trying to make a living, trying to survive.

You will see a lot of construction sites around town, many of them abandoned after money ran out.

Some are leaving their businesses behind, abandoning their hope for a better future to become a number in a statistic as an economic migrant.