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LuganoPhotoDays 2018




Annalisa Bravi



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Machisima gente

Cuba is a country with a history marked by strenght.

People themselves are strong and proud and this can be felt in the importance that is given to the physical aspect and to the care of the body.

Recently, to make accessible the practice of sporting activities in a social context in which the economic capability is rather limited, the "gimnasios particulares" are spreading, scattered in the "barrios" and in the "pueblos" of all sizes.

Hardly these gyms have a website or a facebook page, to find them you have to walk patiently the streets and ask for directions, obtaining a valuable human contact that no gps can replace.

In every place we meet a few people at a time, up to a maximum of thirty where the activity is more developed.

The training is assisted by an "entrenador" who takes care of the precision of the exercises, practiced with often self-built tools.

Attending a gym for a Cuban is much more than developing muscles or cultivating a healthy hobby, it is an essential force of the person, is "ser macho".