Project Detail: Live and Die on Sukhumvit Rd. (Bangkok)


LuganoPhotoDays 2018




cosimo manlio de pasquale



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Live and Die on Sukhumvit Rd. (Bangkok)

Bangkok It is a city I love, “burning”, it’s warmer than hell, its air is unbreathable because of the wet weather and pollutions, it is a city of damned souls who would not find themselves in any other place on earth, a city that never sleeps, a city exploding life h24, a place full o stories to tell in wich I will never feel bored to walk alone with my camera. This collection of shots was born wandering along the Sukhumvit Rd., that is more than just a simple road, it is a long human story of kilometers in which there is an extreme alternation of sweet scenes and strong and sad stories, a “human zoo” in a dystopian atmosphere that reminds me to the mood of Blade Runner movie.