Project Detail: WE LIVE HERE — A map is not a territory —


LuganoPhotoDays 2018




Arrigo Mamone


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WE LIVE HERE — A map is not a territory —

WE LIVE HERE — A map is not a territory —

is the acknowledgment

HOW land-consumption is linked

with the decline of a nonrenewable resource,

invisible to straight examination of a trivial map;

HOW settlement and roofing of surfaces – once rural –

to build tower blocks and warehouse,

roads, high-ways, junctions, roundabout, interchanges,

quarries, dumps, service areas, greenhouses, …

causes superstructures, into which environment succumbs;

HOW waterproofing of industrial and even more commercial settlements

unlimited by dimension and number — beside the housing clusters —

with increasing handling needs for people and vehicles,

infrastructures necessities for parkings and driveability,

makes us unable to evaluate the side effects

for our misunderstanding of the land real function;

HOW barriers, walls and variously built and raised rails

rule out the traveller from a free sight of the crossed regions

and who there live is deprived of the horizon around him,

replaced by distorting glass-plates, iron grids, meshes,

solar-panels or infinite extending fences. …

I began to photograph these places

— not even too far from my territory —

WHEN I put a simple map

side by side to what I used to have at eye level;

WHEN I realized the impossibility

of scouting a place simply walking onto it,

the ban of a prosaic stop or merely get out the car;

WHEN I considered the daily metamorphosis of reference landmarks,

noticed the inebriated orbits round the roundabouts,

catched the lack of ‘seasonality’ of large cemented

or vainly grassy areas, … .

Analogic flat film 6x9 cm - 4x5”