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Emerging photographers 2017




Erica Belli


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Tour Life

I spent three years on the road working as a traveling tour guide.

I used to stroll around with fifty people following me through Italy, France and Spain, sleep no more than two nights in the same spot, waking up wondering where I was.

I traveled long miles on the front of my coach and kept company to my drivers.

I entertained and was entertained, going to museums, sights, squares and clubs, looking out of many windows with no time to think.

I used to be around and I photographed a bit of it with the camera that best suited the situation.

No time to think about the picture, just taking it. I chose a disposable ILFORD black and white camera, a disposable, just like the ones tourists use.

This is the personal diary, the backstage access to a little known profession and my life on the road.