Project Detail: Aquarium


Emerging photographers 2017




Camilla Ferrari



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The sound of the hands moving the bathroom curtains is so loud that it’s almost disturbing. And so it is the noise coming out of the karaoke bars during the night and the chitchatting of the people walking on the sidewalk.
Sometimes you observe and sometime you’re being observed. It’s almost like seeing through a glass that distorts what your eyes see, that makes the light flicker in front of you second after second and inserts you in a completely different world. And suddenly you are on the other side of that glass. You cannot hear what others say but you can feel the sweet cuddle of the water that surrounds you.
And before you know it, that sound of the hands moving the bathroom curtains becomes a lullaby. The noise of the karaoke bars turns into music and the chitchatting evolves into rhythm.
Everything becomes so gentle, even the unknown.
All the photographs have been taken in Beijing, China, in August 2017.