Project Detail: Sainte Marcelle


Emerging photographers 2017




Suah Han



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Sainte Marcelle

"Sainte Marcelle" is the last survived traditional brick factory in the region of Languedoc-Roussillon, in the South of France. Due to industrial evoltion which reduces time and cost of the making process, their authentic hand-made manufacturing is being threatened to be disappear. Each brick piece is unique and needs six months to be dried without any chemical intervention. The workers of "Sainte Marcelle" are proud of their job which goes threw the four elements of nature: earth, water, fire and wind.

Being located in the country side offers them natural resources such as wind and earth, nonetheless isolates them, in the same time, from the rest of the world. They need to be recognized, encouraged and remembered. If we keep ignoring the importance of craft value in the favor of modern machines I believe that the loss would be much more than what we have got.

Documenting the factory in activity I did not want to leave a trace of its present situation. I did not know what to expect.