Project Detail: La Potazzina volò in Aprile.


Emerging photographers 2017




Lorenzo Piacevoli Piacevoli


Project Info

La Potazzina volò in Aprile.

This serie of photographs are part of my personal project “La potazzina volò in aprile”.

Potazzina is the vulgar name for “Cyanoses Ceruleus”, a bird that is widely popular in western Europe, and western Asia.

My grandmother’s grandma used to call her potazzina. She thought her nephew deserved to be called with the name of such a beautiful, joyful and elegant animal. On April 30th in 2015, my grandparents had a violent fight. My grandmother has been hospitalized for almost a month.

When she got back home she decided to leave my grandfather and start a new life, in a new house, on her own. I felt my heart broken, my family was divided again. My parents broke up when I was 3, and then my grandparents.

I decided to tell this story to look at these events from outside, to understand better what was happening, to explain myself a personal truth which was different from what everyone saw. I had to deal with the mental insanity of my grandfather that always influenced my parents’ life and that, suddenly, was changing mine too.