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Emerging photographers 2017




alessio cabras



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As a foreign body, like a tree of distant origins whose fruits are unknown.

A tree that grows to such a great extent, with huge roots settling into the miserable society; roots like human hands grabbing the precious soil just to push it back exhausted and worthless.

On the other hand, other seeds of tree fly away, migrate, to find elsewhere fertile soil.

Sardinia is the most militarized region in Europe. Over 60% of the Italian military infrastructures are built in Sardinian soil, a total surface of 3500 ectars of land.

For the last 50 years, the island has been a continuous coming and going of foreign armies from all round the world to test their weaponry (2/3 of all the weaponry tested by NATO have been tested and therefore exploded in Sardinia) with huge consequences for the local population and environment.

Since 2011, there is an ongoing investigation on the “ poisons of Quirra” in which 8 ex commanders of Quirra's military base have been investigated.