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Emerging photographers 2017




Jacopo Corona


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It's Time For Africa

I am asked "what is Africa for you?"

To date I say that for me Africa is first of all Woman; yes Africa impersonates the woman's figure in full.

Africa is the courage of the one who is mindful of everything and gives himself up completely.

Africa is a red land, fertile land, where to cultivate one's own feelings and pick them more flourishing than before.

Africa is the pain of a world that has not even known poverty, but poverty.

Africa is afraid, so afraid!

Africa is a continual change of perspective.

Africa is a weird balance balanced by something superior.

Africa is dense enough to be heavy, so much so that it can not even give it the right meaning.

Africa is to continue, not by choice, but because it is the only way possible.

Africa is an intense look of those who live a daily fullness.

Africa is all those children with destiny marked that with their purity remind us that the essence of life is far from it.

Africa is grateful, where parts to change the world are the return that the only thing that has changed itself is you.

We need a bit of Africa in each of us ...

Thank you!