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Emerging photographers 2017




Federica Beltramo


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Forgotten Heritage

Forgotten Heritage

Forgotten Heritage comes from a group of many other photographs taken in abandoned places and buildings.
My attraction to this kind of places started a couple of years ago, whrn i discovered an abandoned nunnery near my hometown and decided to explore it with a friend and document everything with my camera.
This forgotten place fascinated me so much, that I began searching on the internet for other similar places to take other pictures.
Every time I step into an abandoned place I feel like I am surrounded by many hidden details; I hardly ever touch or move the objects I find in those places because my purpose is to let them emerge and fix the immages they suggest me, through the lens of my camera.
I hope I can give a new life to those abandoned buildings -which are not considered by other people as physical places anymore, since no one lives there anymore- where everything seems to be covered with a veil of nostalgia, feeling which I represented with the blue tone in my pictures. Another purpose of mine is showing the peculiar aesthetics of those environements.