Project Detail: Canada Dry


Emerging photographers 2017




Erica Belli


Project Info

Canada Dry


I picked up some disposable cameras on sale while I lived in Toronto, Canada.

I was feeling quite lonely and didn't have a steady job, a metro pass or many friends for a while.

Even though it felt very inaccessible, I was eager to get to know the place where I lived and since I had been very frustrated with my usual approach to photography and my pro camera, I gave the disposables a go.

With that little lens, I wondered the streets looking for people and new places to call my own. I started a new mapping of my daily reality: people met in the streets, places and strange encounters.

I started walking everywhere, in every weather condition, day and night.

And I made my own album of the city.

The outcomes were surprising, an epiphany.

I loved the cameras, the reaction of people to it, always coming onto the lens, never scared. I liked understanding how the camera worked technically and working around it to try an achieve something in my mind, I yet cherished the accidents and mistakes as an integral part of the work.

I abandoned myself to randomness and the serendipity of what comes to you without planning.

I learned how to tune myself in the chaos, I discovered a new free vision, and it resulted in a diary of instinctive snapshots of a place I used to think was just a dry land.