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Emerging photographers 2017




Anna Ivantsova



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Still Here

The deafblindness is a unique disease. This is one of the most severe forms of disability in which people have the maximum possible numbers of restrictions to the main categories of activity.
One of the main themes, when we speak about deafblind people, is the integration them in a social life. Loneliness is not just a word for them but for many - the permanent reality of their lives. Through our era of communication, they are isolated from the whole world (it’s necessary to remember that many of deafblind people do not have mental disorders). They have just one way of communication that is situated on their fingertips. People who have hearing and vision often prefer to pretend deafblind people don't exist.
At the same time, this story is about isolation, loneliness and the search for understanding and connection. It is absolutely impossible to convey how the blind feel themselves, but it seems possible to try to address the emotional level of perception. And suddenly it turns out that loneliness and the search for loved ones are much closer to us that they could be.