Project Detail: Flamenco Family Portrait


Emerging photographers 2017




Mattia Marzorati



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Flamenco Family Portrait

In a city where flamenco is part of history and culture, the bailaores are loved like rock-stars. People from all over the world come to Granada to admire the best artists in the planet and to take part to shows that are joy and pain, sweetness and violence. After one hour of effort and thunderous applauses, what about these men and women?

Luis de Luis and Esther Marin are not just two of the most respected dancers in Spain, they are also a couple in life. Far from the cliché that wants the bailaores like bohemian artists without rules, during the three months spent with them, I’ve found a strong family, connected to their roots but modern at the same time. Luis dresses the part of a father who is often with the daughters, while Esther works as a teacher before treads the boards aside her husband.