Project Detail: Are there still shepherds?


Emerging photographers 2017




João Galamba



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Are there still shepherds?

Every year there are less and less, and the majority of the times it is necessary to step out the main roads and paths to find them: the Shepherds. They are lonely souls who spend their days grazing cattle across the plains, valleys and mountains. They live in communion with nature, knowing their signs by heart: if tomorrow is a stormy day, if it is necessary to gather and feed the animals, if there are wolves nearby, if there were wild boars the night before the pasture.
For days to pass faster they light their cigarette, often made of corn beards. Signs of the times, which for them have not passed, or because, and more probably due to his, their economy does not allow them to enjoy industrial cigarettes. And it is these gestures of carrying the cigarette to the mouth the consolation of the days always equal, slow and silent.