Project Detail: Perm, a urban reportage - city's poetry


Emerging photographers 2017




Montandon Xavier



Project Info

Perm, a urban reportage - city's poetry

My reportage is related to a Russian city situated in front of the Urals: Perm. This city is a former industrial town located 1500 kilometres from Moscow further to the East. The old buildings that you can see there are pretty tired and run-down. In this photographic project I wanted to catch the way that the Perm's inhabitants live there, how they embody the city. Indeed, winter are tough and colors hardly remain in the different places of the city. My work is a tribute for each photographic encounter.
So I drew a urban portrait, from a season in Perm, from winter to spring, trying to catch a poetical dimension. I tried to bring to light some moments of life; to tell a story in each photo, like a scene, to enter the lives of people and extract from them a piece of life and fix it in a photograph. My viewpoint was also to show Russia as a crossroad of different cultures. I wanted to confront the weight of the past with the strentgh of the future generation. I didn't come with a project, but with the idea of catching something, whithout knowing what it could be at first sight.
My photographic project is a visual journey between presence and absence, between youthfulness and old-age, between loneliness and sharing. I tried to catch Humanity between the big grey walls of the city.