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Emerging photographers 2017




Mahé Elipe



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Mujeres y Marañon

"In Latin America, 58 million women live in rural areas."

This series of images made in Honduras in May 2017, in the region of Choluteca, tells the story of some of them.

These mothers of families live in collectivity in full campaign, conciliating domestic tasks and works argricoles.

Between deceased husband , imprisoned or simply absent, it is only between women that they live and that they support the family by cultivating the cashew nut.

The days are punctuated by the daily tasks and the harvest of the precious fruit, in a warm, although precarious, since it is the water of the well that quenches the thirst and the light of the candle that illuminates the nights.

Workers of the earth, their daily begins at dawn and is extinguished at dusk in the cacophony of the invigorating shouts of children.