Project Detail: wabi-sabi; under title imperfection and impermanence


LuganoPhotoDays 2017




Margaret Lansink


Project Info

wabi-sabi; under title imperfection and impermanence

In Margaret Lansink’s images the emphasis on the shadows and traces people leave behind in different spaces, speaks to the universal fear of getting to know someone and then having them disappear out of your life. Her long exposures highlight the anxiety we have about the evanescent nature of time. The grainy nature illustrate the distortion between ourselves and the other people and places we encounter. From her own history, Margaret felt the need to make peace with this farewell of people she loved; during her stay in Japan she researched the meaning of wabi-sabi. Wabi-sabi seeks beauty in the imperfections found as all things, in a constant state of flux, evolve from nothing and devolve back to nothing.

Imperfection | Impermanence | minute traces left behind | a memory in the mind of me as a traveler | a memory in the mind of you reading this description | wabi-sabi is about these delicate traces | this faint evidence at the borders of nothingness.