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carlo murgolo


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Santorini "Santo wine"

The most surprising thing of the beautiful island of Santorini is not only its beaches, its crystal clear waters and the picturesque white houses on this volcanic islands typical soil. The rugged black cliff, with its semicircular shape traced by the rocky cliffs emerging from the cobalt blue waters, only partially reveals the profile of the old caldera, abandoned more than three millennia ago after a the violent explosion.
The vineyards that cover almost the entire slopes of the island are small green sculptures whose vine grooves are twined as a basket: this to protect the bunches from the "Meltemi" wind, to retain moisture, mitigating the effects of the arid months as well as to prevent the wind-crumbling lava from destroying the grapes.
Harvesting the grapes, which takes place at the early lights of sun rise to escape the sun in August is, as in the past, hand made and with the company of the mules carrying the grapes.