Project Detail: Salesianum opens for refugies


LuganoPhotoDays 2017




Christian Herbert Hildebrand


Project Info

Salesianum opens for refugies

An old katholic schoolbuilding in Oberwil near Zug Switzerland was empty at the time.

The owner decided to let live refugees there for a limited time. When the people moved in I got the chance to make a reportage for the newspaper. Thanks to a arabic dolmetcher I could talk to these people who were very timid an shy in the beginning. Within the time as they understood, that I want to show them not as "poor" refugees but in a inspiring positiv way they were very glad to make these pictures together with me. I wanted to make portraits wich make a bridge to us here, wich communicate with us. Not just we watch at them. So I think they spread a shy happiness and make hope that also for people who have to flee there is a future in peace!