Project Detail: Chantier naval, Hauts-de-Seine, septembre 2017


LuganoPhotoDays 2017




Pauline Magdeleinat


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Chantier naval, Hauts-de-Seine, septembre 2017

It is twenty years that I live on a boat in Paris, very near the Eiffel Tower, in a port where are mixed many kind of crazy people in the middle of very old bargemen. This year as we do every decade, we had to get to the shipyard to check the hull and make some small works. The last time I went on a shipyard I was very young and not yet a photographer. This time I felt like I couldn't miss out on documentary the trip with the boat, and on photographing that final place which was founded 100 years ago. Trying to record somehow the history of this scene, I understood that it didn't change and probably never will: so I decided to focus on the workers and the boats, who just come and go for a while as they ever did, bringing there their own story(ies). At last these pictures are a trace of the strong encounters and great time I shared with these people.