Project Detail: Aunt Janna - an Italian housewife


LuganoPhotoDays 2017




Michela Carmazzi



Project Info

Aunt Janna - an Italian housewife

Janna is an Italian housewife that seems to come out of a Neorealist film of the 50s. She has spent all her life raising her children and taking care of her husband. Always busy with household chores, she rarely leaves her place if not to visit the grocery around the corner. From when she gets up in the morning, she starts a busy routine of laundry, ironing, and cooking.

Janna is not well informed about the outside world. Big political issues rarely engage her, but she has other very valuable qualities. She has a joyful spirit and a down-to-earth, wise attitude to life.

Her poetry of small things, as I like to call it, has always been a great inspiration to me.This project is my tribute to her world and her life-style