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LuganoPhotoDays 2017




Philippe Le Vélly


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hellfest is the biggest hard rock music festival in europe. It hosts 220000 peronnes over 3 days. For 12 years, he has delighted fans and offers hundreds of bands such as Aerosmith, deep purple, saxon, iron maiden, kiss, rammstein, lynyrd skynyrd, sepultura, ghost, status quo, europ etc ... This festival is a wonderful springboard for the new generation of musicians. this festival takes place in Clisson in the north west of france near the city of Nantes.21 hectares of site dedicated to concerts (10,000m² were added this year allowing more space in front of the Mainstage) 22 hectares dedicated to the campsites and parking (10 000m ² dedicated to the Easy Camp) € 20 million turnover € 2 million re-injected for decorations 160 groups in 3 days 2 biggest scenes in Europe 6 scenes total 3500 hectoliters of beer (record) against 2700 hl in 2016 55 000 festival-goers / day + 5000 for the press, photos, volunteers ie 180 000 festival-goers in 3 days 42,000 festival-goers as of Thursday (a record), or 220,000 festival-goers in cumulative total 25,000 campers Hellfest the hottest since its creation (+ 30 °) 700 toilets and showers 1 million liters of water saved by the dry toilets (calculation if each festival-goer used at least 1 time the toilets ... as much to say that one does not go there only once) 3500 volunteers (390 for cleaning and garbage) 1500 technicians 500 employees (12 full-time) 3 emergency physicians 500 Security Officers 35 tattoo artists 2000 tattoos done in 3 days (1600 in 2016 for 27 tattoo artists) a space for 1000 laptops 25% = female audience water rationed on Saturday, a first (the industrial laundry will modernize its treatment plant and increase its capacity) 11 liters of beer per Dessoifeur, that is 18kg to carry on the back (relayed every 2h) 15 m, the tallest statue erected in honor of Lemmy Kilmister with a weight of 70 tons 40m, the height of the big wheel 300 m² dedicated to the space Muscadet (bar + reserve) € 6 million, the economic spin-off for the city of Clisson (study carried out in 2015)