Project Detail: Oniric Kolkata


LuganoPhotoDays 2017




Paola Ambrosecchia


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Oniric Kolkata

“Oniric Kolkata” is my experience of Calcutta – a truly intense and surreal experience, dreamlike even.The city leaves a strong impression; the pollution levels are high enough to make you cough, the clamour of cars intense enough to cloud the sound of your very thoughts.Hence the decision to use black and white, and the subtle tinge of brown I’ve added to each photo, symbolising the “dirtiness” of the air and the absence of silence.

But beyond this dark veil clouding the city, there is a wonderful sense of humanity, at times Christ-like, surreal, unforgettable.The series plunges straight into the heart of Calcutta through authentic encounters with locals, with a wider objective in mind: to pose the question “what does it mean to be human?”

The result is an ode to the beauty of humanity, especially when it is subjected to poverty and difficult living conditions. The aim is to reveal the sublime and eternal link connecting all humankind.