Project Detail: The Cavadee Thaipoosam in Catania


LuganoPhotoDays 2017




Maria Luciano


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The Cavadee Thaipoosam in Catania

The Cavadee thaipoosam is a, colorful and participatory Tamil ritual, it shows the variety and cultural complexity of this community and his integration

in the city of Catania.Devoted walk trough a path from the sea to the temple carring on their shoulders a cavadee(a bambu arch wired to a straight peace of wood)

during the ritual devoted make a vote to muruga god piercing their tongue with silver needles called “vel”after this ritual they cannot talk, the punishment remember them muruga god and make them stronger. Devoted dance without shoes trough a path to the temple.

this is the weigh they have to endure to be totally free.