Project Detail: The lives of others


LuganoPhotoDays 2017




Tiziana Arici


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The lives of others

In February I was on the Syrian-Turkis border, in the little town of Reyhanli.

My reportage documents the living condition of Syrian refugees who live at the border, just next to the wall that the Turkish government has built to divide Syria from Turkey and Europe.

Visiting their homes, the tended camp of Kefrskhaya, the orphan's shool of Mudanboy " Generazioni di pace ", the Plaster house where they heal war wounds.

The photographic image becomes for me a possible relationship between donating and receiving.

It's a representation of a gift, the experience in whic flows the idea of giving and be given.

My project aims to be seen as a give back to the people i've met.Tiziana Arici