Project Detail: Turin, S.Carlo Square, June 3rd 2017


LuganoPhotoDays 2017






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Turin, S.Carlo Square, June 3rd 2017

Quiet dinner in the historic centre of Turin. Tonight the city organize a broadcast of the Champions League match between Juventus and Real Madrid from Piazza S. Carlo, near our restaurant. The match is almost over. We hear some screams faraway...a goal? We start seeing a lot of guys running and heading away from the square. We ask what's happening and one of them answers "They are shooting in the square!".

We pay the bill and decide to go to the place. Along the way the number of frightened people running increases. Most of them are injured and barefoot. We ask for information but nobody knows what really happened. We arrive to the square and find chaos: a floor covered of glass, shoes, bags, personal objects. I have a camera with me, with hesitation I decide to document. The policemen try to calm people and the ambulance technicians help the wounded. A guy asks me for the phone. He has lost everything and wants to warn the family that he's ok.

They did not shoot in the square, it wasn't a bomb, maybe it was a firecracker, or maybe just the fear that all this could happen.

June 3rd 2017. Turin, S. Carlo Square. 1526 injured and one dead.