Project Detail: Ai Piedi Del Monte


LuganoPhotoDays 2016




Andrea Alfano


Project Info

Ai Piedi Del Monte

Piedmont, Italy.

The Langhe-Roero-Monferrato area is one of the greatest wilderness areas of Italy. Well known all over the world for its wine production, the area was recently nominated a World Heritage Site (UNESCO).

Living the vineyards in the background, I have focused my research on the relationship between man and nature and I have analyzed the philosophical idea of ‘joyful degrowth’ (Latouche).

I immersed myself in woods and little villages far away from large inhabited areas, in search of people and stories that have a strong connection with the identity of the area and who live in harmony with nature.

The result of my research is ‘Ai Piedi del Monte’, a name that refers to the morphological character of the area, downstream of the Region’s mountains, and that is the literal breakdown of the name Piedmont: Pied – Mont (At the Foot – Of the Mountain).