Project Detail: Vulgus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur


LuganoPhotoDays 2016




massimo barberio


Project Info

Vulgus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur

I'm not an embedded photographer, never will be.
These are military scenarios, more properly, different kind of "exercise scenario".
This project, actually, is about the "Conflict Photography Workshop", a course runned by conflict photographers and a medic/military staff to train and improve other photographers.
A very meaningful experience, a metaphorical slap, another step in my photographic growth.

So... actually this is not war! Look again at the pictures, there are few surrealist elements.

The main purpose of this work is a provocative one: the images in the work can be used as trigger to talk about representation and truth (with only a couple of lines I've dismissed the photojournalism category, finding the comfort of a -provocative- conceptual one), the importance of context, and freelancers' preparation.
For sure, it could be seen in a suspicious way, but at the moment all the photojournalism' community is becoming weaker day by day.
I’d like to offer a view into freelancers family in an way unseen before: they (we) can seem ridicolous to common people (actually, just few days ago, I've heard "photoreporters stink"), but we can also build a new cultural process based on integrity.
We have our amazing tools, but often they are the common tool for deception (you remember a recent long list of j'accuse, maybe).
At the moment I’m working a publication with the precious support of a panel of photographers, sociologist, artist and philosophers: it will allow me to take a deeper reflections into freelance community, an understanding of what today is photography and our primary role for awareness.
This is the first step to redefine my practice and also how I want to see my world, and my community. I perfectly know that we should not be afraid of new ways to make photojournalism today, we should be grateful to be able to build again starting from ruins.
A big provocation about the main theme of our world – violence and truth – can be a new start.

All things considered, “La victoire sera pour ceux qui auront su faire le désordre sans l'aimer.”