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Latifa Al Shakar


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New York: "Occupy Wall Street"

"Life is short. You get sixty spins around the sun and that's it. So why not do something positive with your life?"

-Randy Credico

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protest movement began in September 17, 2011 in Zucotti Park, located in New York City's financial District and received global attention. In 2011, Latifa documented the protest focusing on various prominent political figures including, Randolph A 'Randy' Credico. Credico, political candidate, comedian and activist, ran as Democratic primary challenger in the Senate (2010) and was supported by several actors and comedians including Seinfeld co-creater Larry David. In 2013, Credico was Democratic nominee for Mayor of New York City.

While OWS was taking place, two countries close to Latifa were going through somewhat the same changes - Egypt and Bahrain. Both countries were going through political unrest which have changed the countries future in many ways. These images show what Latifa tries to portray in many of her projects, which is the idea that regardless of nationality, and of the social and political systems that are relevant to and affect all of us we are to some extent all going through the same experiences and changes. There is only a thin barrier that seperates us all.