Project Detail: ONE LAST RIDE


LuganoPhotoDays 2015 Open




Pietro Albertelli



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Bettors are a big part of the Italian population, but most of them are online gamblers, people who tip money in hopes of winning something to better themselves economically.

There is a world that is not only money, but also a lot of passion, and the racecourse.

Place frequented by horse owners, jockeys, beautiful girls in search of wealth, but this is the most glamorous of the racecourse.

What fascinates me is the environment of the bets, varied world, frequented by all walks of life, people who go to the racetrack, yes to bet and win, but animated by a passion for this beautiful animal.

And 'here that I focused my attention on the area I visited within a racecourse by bettors.

There are the games authorized by the state, and their banquets bookmakers, the bettors.

Men looking for cheaper bets, which seem to be with their eyes to the sky, but at a closer look, they just watch the monitor, positioned high in this place, waiting for the races and the partano result is to be hoped they are ready to cheer or to curse.

All with a fever on her, raging fever.