Project Detail: The color in each of us.


LuganoPhotoDays 2015 Open




Carlotta Schandroch



Project Info

The color in each of us.

People are like colored pencils; at first glance they might all look the same, but if you pay closer attention to them you will discover that they each have a peculiarity which makes them stand out: a specific color. And like each colored pencil, every single person will leave somewhere, even if just lightly, a distinctive trace or mark. All individuals have a colorful and soulful uniqueness about them; and that is the main reason why I love to photograph people. An entire story can be simply told through a look, a stare, a smile, a laugh, even a pose, a movement or a gesture: so much can be revealed with so very little, a photograph can really be worth a thousand words. The following 12 pictures were taken during a trip to Sri Lanka, India and Nepal. My hope is that through their spontaneity and expressiveness I can make these images talk, bringing them alive for the viewers to feel and interact with.